Mazel Tov!

All Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are videotaped with professional 3CCD digital cameras and wireless microphones to insure perfect picture and sound quality throughout the production.

All editing is done on the latest digital non-linear editing system so there will be virtually no loss in quality from the original footage to your edited master.

Basic $995 package includes:

Creative Reception Shots






All Speeches

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Table Shots


Sweet Table

Goodbye Scene


Additional customized options:

(Extra charges apply)


Video Presentation

Growing up Pictures

Titling and Invitation

Music Overdubbing


(Additional customized options can be added to the $995 package above or to the edited package below.)

Edited Package Includes:

Digital Special Effects

3D Animation


(edited packages start at $1495.)

What a fantastic piece of work! It will fondly be remembered every time we watch the tape, and believe me, in our house, that is often. We look forward to sharing Alicia's party with you too!  With our thanks...

Cheryl, Philip, Max, Harley & Alicia Hayman

Our equipment is superior to most as we only use state of the art Broadcast Quality Sony DVCAM 3CCD cameras and wireless mics.

This system is far better than the mini DV systems and our lenses are more expensive than most of our competitors' entire cameras.

Our quality is UNSURPASSED!

Call 905-889-0909 for an exact quote on your personalized package.



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